CR Pharma is able to produce various formulations with adequate and efficient production capacity. 


  • CR Pharma owns 26 manufacture campus in China, nearly 200 production lines GMP-compliant, for oral solid dosage, oral liquid dosage, large infusion bags, powder vials, injections, topical preparations and etc 


  • China Resources Gosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is the first manufacture in China that passes European cGMP in both Cefradine sterile preparations and Sterile APIs 


  • CR Saike passed European cGMP in 2008 and FDA cGMP in 2009 

China Resource Beijing Industry Park occupies 640 arcs that is built to be the Global innovative R&D platform and high-end manufacturing base for future development, designed by the world class firm: HDR, meeting the global quality standard, and it is also a platform for international partnering focus on innovation, incubation, pilot plant test, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.  



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